A uniquely exquisite set of dark images by a glamour photographer with an eye for sexy, macabre beauty. [EXCLUSIVE PROMO]

Just in time for the Halloween season, and 2011, writer, photographer, filmmaker Pepper Negron has minted a one-of-a-kind novelty item — 'MORBID DARK GLAMOUR CALENDAR' — full of images torn directly from the pages of history, folk stories, and the deepest realm of his twisted imagination. Each calendar is composed of six, doubled-sided pages printed on brilliantly colorful coated stock. Every page depicts a beautiful 'mistress of the dark' in the midst of unspeakable mayhem - one for each month of the year. Each calendar is hand assembled by the artist with natural distressed twine for that added horrific touch.MORBID DARK GLAMOUR

In celebration of LATIN HORROR's second anniversary, we are offering a limited edition, book-bound sets of select images from the MORBID DARK GLAMOUR CALENDAR, including exclusive images not found on the resale edition of the calendar.

How can you get your suspiciously bloody hands on a copy you say? Well, we're glad you asked because there's ONLY one way:

By attending LATIN HORROR's 'The HORRORphiles #6: MIEDO MASHUP' on October 27, 2010 at the renowned Anthology Film Archives (NYC). During this event, three lucky maggots will win a signed copy of the horrific coffee table book via a vouchered raffle that will take place during the segway between the screening of the evening's short films and our event's feature film presentation. Meet the artist in person. Full event details HERE

Top: "Twisted Marie Antonette" Model: Sabrina Nieves "Twisted Cyber Goth" Model: Katrina Art
Pepper Negron was recently featured in our premiere edition of LATIN HORROR's visual podcast, 'MIEDO DIGESTED,' where he discussed the early childhood influences that impacted his interest in the dark, gothic arts; his subsequent transition from photographer to filmmaker; and updates on his current projects, including an anthology of short, horror-based films, as well as his limited-edition 2011 MORDIB DARDARK GLAMOUR CALENDAR (check it out for an in-depth insight into how the calendar became a reality and Negron's inspirations for the images).
A uniquely exquisite set of dark images by a glamour photographer with an eye for sexy, macabre beauty.
"Twisted Buccaneer" Model: Nerida Alvarez
Twisted Elizabeth Bethory" Model: Danielle Irvin
NOTE: LH's limited book is not the calendar but rather an homage to the images created for it. Those seeking a copy of the actual functional calendar can purchase it directly from the artist at / 917-545-9496

Edwin Pagan, LH




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