NUVOtv Lands Exclusive Killer 'DEXTER' Deal
Kicks off with back-to-back dual episodes on January 13, 2014

A Miami police forensics expert - Dexter Morgan - moonlights as a serial killer of criminals who he believes have escaped justice.

After an 8-year, 96-episode run, Showtime's highly-acclaimed original series DEXTER came to an end on September 22, 2013. DEXTER ended with an average of 6 million vewers during the show's final week, its finale alone taking in 2.8 million pairs of eyeballs, and was the #1 series among Latino viewers. Dexter has spawned a cult following that only a select few programs of its kind ever attain (think The Walking Dead).

So if you're still jonesing for another shot of the twisted adrenaline DEXTER provided for eight seasons, fret no more because our favorite dispenser of macabre “vigilante justice” has found a new killing field. Starting Monday, January 13, 2014, you can re-discover the full 96-episodes on NUOVOtv (formerly SíTV). Best of all, according to the network, the series will be presented uncut - not as an truncated version - and will air two back-to-back episodes every Monday night, effectively condensing the 8 seasons into one syndication year.

Re-broadcasting DEXTER on NUVOtv stands to dramatically exceed the Showtime patronage figures as a result of its 32 million built-in homes nationwide due to its carriage on the basic cable platform. Showtime is a premium service that is out of reach for a large sector of U.S. households, Latinos among them, who for the most part view it as a luxury instead of a necessity. Giving the show's allure and the network's reach, it stands to reason, then, that NUVOtv and DEXTER would find common ground.

LATIN HORROR was provided access to interview two of the show's principal cast members: David Zayas, who plays the affable and street-smart Detective Sergeant Angel Batista, and Lauren Vélez, who rides in as the take-no-prisoners Lieutenant (later Captain) María LaGuerta. In the phone conference-call, they wax poetically about the legacy of the series in regards to Latino representation on episodic television, as well as the marked impact it has had on their own careers as artists and craft proper.

Watch the interview below.

Several other things that also stand to sit well with Latinos, who until now may not have discovered the program, is its intelligent and off-kilter writing and storylines that are chuck-full of Latinos, including a number of lead roles as an integral part of the series' framework. DEXTER is set in Miami, Florida (altough most exterior scenes are filmed in Long Beach, California) and there are as many Latin tunes playing in the background as there are killings going on the foreground (muerte tropical). This inclusiveness even earned the series Latina Magazine's "Most Latino TV Show of the Fall" honor during its Fall TV Awards in 2011. And if you're wondering how the program got the 'Latin thang' so on the nose, just give it up to their writing and producing team who count two Latinos among its ranks: New York City-born Micheal Cuesta and James Manos Jr., who have donned screenwriter/producer and executive producer/director duties on DEXTER, respectively.

Latinos in front and back of camera - that sounds killer!

Watch the series' sizzle reel and two short clips of David Zayas' and Lauren Vélez's work below.


Other notable Latino actors who've made supporting cameo appearances on DEXTER:

Edward James Olmos, Jimmy Smits, Christian Camargo, , Liza Colón-Zayas, Monique Gabriela Curnen, Aimee Garcia, April Lee Hernandez, Vallerie Cruz, Liza Lapira, Alicia Lagano, Courtney Ford, and Jesse Borrego, among others. (Credit Sources: IMDB / Latina Magazine)

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