NBC's Supernatural Drama 'GRIMM' Goes Green
Episode #311: 'The Good Soldier' - Airing 1/17/14
Helmed by 'Gun Hill Road' writer/director Rashaad Enesto Green.
Gueststarring Emily Rios and Kirk Acevedo.

A homicide detective discovers he is a descendant of hunters who fight supernatural forces.

Rashaad Ernesto GreenParables, fables, and morality tales have influenced the world's literary and oral storytelling traditions for centuries, from Aesop's Fables of the 5th century, to the virtuous allegories of the 15th and 16th centuries, to the pulpish penny dreadfuls of the 19th century, on to the relatively modern construct of comic books and graphic novels. In some cultures, some of those tales have even passed on into myth and legend over time. One of the better known of these anthologies are the Grimm Brother's Fairy Tales, 209 tales collected by brothers Jakob and Wilhelm Grimm. NBC's supernatural/horror crime drama GRIMM is a contemporary dove of the cap and mash-up of those traditions, with a twist.

The show centers around Homicide Detective Nick Burkhardt (David Giuntoli) of the Portland Police Department who discovers he has a direct lineage to the "Grimms," hunters and profilers who are self-tasked as guardians of humankind against the threats of the Wesen, an extensive and varied form of espíritu bestia ("spirit beasts") visible to the Grimms. Series episode "The Good Soldier" (#311), airing January 17, 2014, finds Frankie Devlin - played by Emily Rios (Quinceañera / Breaking Bad) - as a hardened veteran trying to cope with a traumatic experience she suffered while in the military. The episode also features Kirk Acevedo (OZ / Fringe) as veteran-turned-home security expert Ron Hurd. The episode is directed by Rashaad Ernesto Green, who makes his episodic TV directorial debut on season 3.

"Not everyone gets a chance to direct a television show that has between four and five million viewers on any given Friday," said Rashaad. "I was blessed to have the opportunity. I treated the episode like it was my most important film to date, because it was."

Watch the episode scene preview and trailer below.

Each episode begins with a signature opening that posits a quote foreshadowing the fairytale or folk story on which it is based. The Good Soldier's: "An eye for eye, a tooth for a tooth, a hand for a hand, foot for a foot" - a direct reference to the episode's retributive justice or mirror punishment thematic.

New York-based Rashaad Ernesto Green made an indie film splash in 2011 with his first feature film Gun Hill Road, a film that tackled a trans-gender youth's search for identity clashing against the machista personality of his street-wise father, an ex-con. The film was well-received and garnered critical acclaim. (Coincidently, Detective Burkhardt increasingly finds his responsibilities as a detective at odds with his new responsibilities as a Grimm on the series.)

Rashaad landed the opportunity to direct an episode of Grimm after participating in NBC's directing fellowship program, where both he - and his film - caught the eye of executive producer Norberto Barba (a Bronx-born Latino), and was allowed to "shadow" three series directors, including Barba himself. Later Barba personally tendered a recommendation on Rashaad's behalf, leading to him being hired. He subsequently spent 7 weeks in Portland, Oregon (where the series is filmed) prepping his episode, followed by a "hectic but memorable 8-days of principal photography.

Part of his goal, Rashaad contends, was to elevate what was already in the script, as well as inform and enhance it visually. He also notes that he got very lucky as a first-time TV helmer and got his main casting recommendations, including the character for the episode's principal guest star: Emily Rios. In regard to working in the show's genre, Rashaad beams that he would not hesitate to do another mystery- or horror-grounded project again in the future, the director in him adding:

"But regardless of the genre, the story requires that you craft performances that are based in truth, especially on something like this since it has elements of the supernatural, so the rest of it has to feel real in order for you to buy it and go for the ride with the characters. And the genre provided that challenge."

A challenge we think our readers will agree was adequately met by this talented, emerging director, whose work we can expect to keep gracing our media devices, both large and small.

Part of the show's charm is waiting to see which creature from folklore, mythology, or fable will rear its ugly head(s) and throw a monkey wrench into the mechanizations of modern society, and old-fashioned detective work. So LATIN HORROR isn't going to spoil it here. Sorry fan-boys and girls, you'll just have to tune in to meet this week's Cuco or Kraken.

Needless to say...

"There will be SANGRE!"


Writer/director Darnelle Martin (I Like It Like That / Cadillac Records) has helmed three episodes of GRIMM.

It was revealed at Comic Con that actual descendants of the Brothers Grimm reside in Portland (the series' shooting location). The producers were unaware of this fact.


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