Edwin Pagán's 'THE TALISMAN'
Superntatural forces bring the darker side of karma...

A nomadic drifter is contracted by an unknown being to deliver a sacred item—The Talisman—to an abandoned warehouse where he encounters an eternal evil force that reveals his fateful destiny.
Edwin Pagán's 'THE TASLIMAN'

The short horror film 'The TALISMAN' was written by horror film impresario Drew Daywalt and directed and shot by LATIN HORROR founder-in-chief Edwin Pagán, and stars Ross Beshear (Ed), Adela Maria Bolet (Old Gypsy), Paul Bosche (Ciacco the Creature), and Bárbara Jimenez (Young Gypsy).

The genesis of the film was an article written Drew Daywalt via his horror column on FearNet (now part of ChillerTV) on December 2010 as a kind of dare to genre filmmakers looking for projects to shoot. The only condition that Daywalt placed on the use of his script was that its dialogue not be altered in an way. Other than that, the scope and approach of the film was left solely to the helmer.Drew Daywalt and Edwin Pagan

Pagán began to prep and cast the project in early 2011, and shot his interpretation of the material in February. Dread Central posted out the first images of the film immediately after principal photography wrapped. Then, due to a personal setback in the director's life, the film was shelved until this year, when the much needed post-production was finalized and a world-class sound mix was executed by veteran sound mixer Carlos Berrios.

The TALISMAN made its U.S. premiere last year as a work-in-progress at the Hollywood HorrorFest screening at the New Beverly Cinema in Los Angeles, where the film was slated as a stand-alone showcase. More recently the project showcased at the Puerto Rican International Heritage Film Festival in New York City. Looking to honor the original spirit of the challege (albeit a little late), Pagán has chosen to make the film public and get it directly before the horror-loving film audience.

Pagán's personal spin on Daywalt's tight script was to anchor the main premise in Dante Alighieri's Divine Comedy, which has multiple concentric levels of descent into Hell. For instance, Pagán's one note to actor Paul Bosche was to play Ciacco, the first creature encountered by our main character, as a 'soul junkie' working on commission - a middle-man between the purgatory of earth and Hades. Another element from Dante's work that was utilized was the Cerberus, the vicious three-headed gatekeeper of the lower realm (AKA "The Hound of Hell").

The film is a co-production of LATIN HORROR and La Sayona Productions. The film was produced by Leo Rod, Edwin Pagán and Ydaiber Orozco, who also doubled as the film's casting director. Special FX makeup and puppet/mechanical effects were creates by Meagan Hester and Carl Poalino, respectively. The project's production designer was Frankie Villanueva, digital animation was created by Salvatore Coco, and art direction was executed by George Zavala. Props and costumes were designed and fabricated by Olga Ayala, and the project was edited by Jasmine Colón.

Watch the full short film embeded below or HERE.

Ross Bashear as EDPaul Bosche as Ciacco - the Creature
Maria Adela Bolet as OLD GYPSYThe TALISMAN

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